Apr 30, 2017


For all of our friends away at college, you too can be a part of Robbie's Run, even though you are not in Merrick on April 30th.

Robbie would be a junior in college this year. So many of his friends are away at school, and we are glad we can bring the campus version to you!


1. Click here  for a printable registration form. Or you may regiser at and in the search bar, type in Robbie's Run.

2. When completing the form, please VISIBLY write/indicate your college

3. Mail the form in as is indicated

4. Please email as soon as you know you are paticipating so we can include you in our tshirt order immediately. We realize that we need to get the shirts to you, so either we or your parents will send them to you as soon as they arrive.

5. On the morning (or whenever you wake up!), please go run/walk/jog 5K somewhere on your campus. Please make sure to wear your shirt and have a picture taken, and then email it to us. W will be compiling all of these pictures on our website and wherever else possible show how far Robbie's Run has expanded accross the country.

6. You may make this as simple or as large as you would like. In a sorority or fraternity? Ask your brothers and sisters to sign up with you. Ask your floormates/suitemates in your dorm to join you as well. Or, do it alone., whatever you would like. If you do this with friends, please either send in your forms together or send a list via email or with your form so we know to keep your shirts together.

Any questions??? Please feel free to email and we will help!

 We are so excited to be bringing Robbie Runs on Campus back this year! We hope you will join us and be a part of it with us, no matter where you are. Let's see how many states and schools we can get!